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LightComm completes a technical services project for a call center at ViaHealth

Petaluma, CA. April 2010

ViaHealth of Colorado Springs, Colorado praises Light Communications, Inc. for a successful completion of its contact center analysis and certification project.

Light Communications engagement with ViaHealth on behalf of the HP (3Com) services organization enabled the customer to receive an all-encompassing analysis of its HP (3Com) contact center infrastructure. The analysis identified and helped setting in motion a plan to gradually improve the sophisticated real-time customer interaction system to further boost ViaHealth’s level of service to its end-users.

“The contact center analysis and improvements recommendations report was of a critical importance to our business at this time and it was delivered by Light Communications in record time and with a highest level of professionalism,” says Kent Olander, Director of Information Technology at ViaHealth.

Via Health's vision is to bring ever increasing value to our clients by providing them with services designed to maximize their profitability, and the effectiveness of their business office, while maintaining an acute awareness of the patient/provider relationship.

Being involved in the healthcare industry for many years, Via Health is well aware of the challenges today's hospital business offices are facing. Self-Pays are increasing - reimbursements are decreasing, and therefore more patients are footing the bill. Most often, your hospital's business office does not have the resources, or the staff, to track down every cent. Something needs to change. Via Health can help make that change happen.

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Light communications specializes in a broad spectrum of communications and data management convergence solutions and systems integration. The Consulting Services branch of the Company offers unparalleled expertise and knowledge in contact center business solutions and complex software implementations. The company is headquartered in Petaluma, CA. Its products and services are sold and supported both, domestically and internationally.

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