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California Governor's Office Chooses Light Communications to Provide Live Help to its Internet Customers

Petumla, CA, January 22, 2001: Office of California Governor selected Light Communications to make radical enhancements to its e-mail management system in the State Capital data center in Sacramento. The new enhanced systems delivered in partnership with Cisco Systems and SBC DataComm will streamline and automate the California Governor's office e-mail flow significantly increasing the customer satisfaction from the constituents.

The office of the California Governor experienced a tremendous surge in the e-mail volumes therefore it was seeking a robust, scalable and at the same flexible system to keep track of the e-mail flows with automated routing and pre-processing of the responses across different departments. The Cisco e-mail manager delivered by Light Communications was the platform of choice that allowed the Governor's Office to process up to 1,000,000 e-mails per day. The platform blends well with the rest of the sophisticated network at the California government data center complying with the high security standards and full redundancy requirements.

"All the systems were functional according to the requirements," says Scott Horton, the SBC Solutions Manager at the California Governor's office." The Light Communications solution was the right fit and at the right time!"

Light Communications will deliver the enhanced solution built upon the Cisco e-mail manager that will allow a better and more efficient processing of the ever-increasing e-mail volumes sent to the California Governor's office. As a part of the solution the Cisco e-mail manager and third party database servers will be clustered together to allow a fully redundant operation. Additional improvements will be made to an overall system architecture and to tighten the security requirements. The project was awarded to Light Communications due to the Company's proven track record in custom engineering solutions for call centers and the company's expertise in working in multi-vendor environment.

"We consider this project as the first step in our on-going relationship with the California government", said Vladimir Baculyn, President and CEO of Light Communications, Inc.  The success of the California Governor's e-mail project will pave the way to more projects targeted at higher customer satisfaction across the different branches of the State government, such as state universities, DMV and state franchise board. Other state and federal government agencies are already expressing interest in the Light Communications live interaction solutions inspired by the success and innovative approach chosen by the State of California."

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