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Light Communications delivers a 3Com contact center for Dirne Community

Petaluma, CA. November 2009

Light Communications Inc., announces a successful completion of a complex contact center implementation project for Dirne Community Health Centers. This project was performed by the Company as a part of its expanded business partnership with 3Com. It included a deployment of the 3Com contact center system based on 3Com’s marquee VCX Voice-over-IP (VOIP) platform. The result is a working contact management system that was turned into production this month and enhances the services the Community Health Centers offers to its patients.

"It was the smoothest system implementation that I ever had - a job well done by the LightComm-3Com teams”, stated Sue Howlett, IT Manager at Dirne. "Our contact center deployment, implementation and training were done with a highest level of professionalism and strictly on schedule: the whole experience was awesome. We are looking forward to continue working with the LghtComm team".

"The project for Dirne Community Health Centers adds to our successes in partnership with 3Com Corporation", says Vladimir Baculyn, President of Light Communications. "Ultimately, it’s the patients, associates, donors and volunteers at Dirne who are benefiting from the Center’s enhanced means to communicate to them".

Dirne Health Centers was incorporated in January 1986 as an Idaho 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. As it was originally named, ‘Dirne Community Health Clinic’ was largely conceived through the pioneering efforts of one individual, Lidwina Dirne. Upon personally witnessing the devastating impact that inaccessibility to healthcare had on a single mother with disabilities who could not afford basic medical care for herself or her family, Lidwina mobilized a community-based effort to find solutions. The result was the start-up of a volunteer run, free-clinic that received total community backing, and operated two evenings per-week. For fifteen years the clinic was supported by local donations, in-kind contributions, pro-bono legal services, and staffed by volunteer primary care providers. As the demand for services increased and exceeded the capacity of a part-time volunteer clinic, the need for expansion and growth of services and sites became a necessity.

In 2003, Dirne Health Centers applied for and received federal funding from the Health and Resources Services Administration (HRSA) to become a federally qualified health center (FQHC). By February of 2004, the clinic opened its doors as a full-time community health center. During its first year, Dirne Health Centers provided services to 3,806 individuals. This number has continued to steadily increase each year, with 6,470 individuals served in 2007. Additional services have been continually added since its inception. In June, 2007, Dirne Health Centers was awarded a Healthcare for the Homeless expanded medical capacity grant to serve the homeless population in Kootenai County, further broadening the reach of its services and increasing access to healthcare.

Lidwina Dirne remains on the Board of Directors, and her name still adorns the organization. She has witnessed and directly influenced many changes, including the continual addition of services such as dental and mental health care, sites, and programs to meet the needs and demands of the community.

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